Scouts Victoria Microsoft 365 Roll-Out

Scouts Victoria Microsoft 365 Roll-Out

We’re rolling out Microsoft 365 - adult Scouting volunteers will receive a unique Scouts Victoria login and associated email address.

With a Scouts Victoria email address, you will also receive access to role-based or team mailboxes, and other Microsoft tools like SharePoint and Teams.

Why is Scouts Victoria rolling out Microsoft 365?

We are rolling this out to give our members the best, secure, modern tools to manage and deliver the Scout program as well as protect the personal information of our youth members.

This will give our volunteers the same powerful digital tools that businesses use for chat, email, video calls, and other online collaboration – making the day-to-day business of Scouting to deliver our program as efficient and effective as possible.

In addition, reducing the amount of personal information and communication that we keep in everyone’s personal email and storage accounts is an essential part of our commitment to Australian Privacy Laws and Child Protection Legislation.

What should I expect as part of this roll-out?

When it’s your turn, you will receive an email prompting you to log in and setup your email account.

Depending on your role, you will also probably be part of one-or more role-based or team mailboxes like - this means that you will have your own personal Scout mailbox, as well as role-based or team mailboxes when a team needs to read and reply to emails.


When will I get an account?

This rollout is starting in mid-2023, and we’ll pilot the rollout to a select number of Groups first, to check we have everything set-up and ready to go.

After that, we’ll roll-out quickly so that everyone has the same tools to get the job done. Check the Be Informed for the latest rollout information.

What if I don’t want an account?

We will create an account for all eligible Scouting volunteers. How you use the services and features delivered is up to you, and the Scouting team you work in.

After the roll-out, you’ll need to use the Scouts Victoria email address, rather than your personal email, or any shared private accounts (like

Can I keep using my shared Gmail/outlook account?

Yes, for the time being. We understand that Groups and Sections have set up their own methods. 

Of course, these email addresses are also published in so many places, so it’s important we transition slowly, so that everyone has time to adjust and update contact information.
Eventually, these email accounts will be redundant, and you will then need to use your Scouts Victoria email addresses.

Can I keep using my dropbox/google drive/box?

Yes, for the time being. We understand that Groups and Sections have set up their own digital storage. And we want to roll-this out in a way that makes things easier, not more difficult.

The phase-out of individual Group storage will ultimately pose a significant security risk for our youth members. Numerous instances have demonstrated the retention of access to Dropbox accounts containing medical forms by Leaders from past years.

Eventually, everyone having their own storage will be phased out – this is a big security risk for our youth members. We have seen many examples of dropbox with medical forms, where Leaders from years ago still have access.

Can I keep using TeamApp/Discord/Slack?

Yes, these serve a different purpose, and we aren’t planning (at the moment) for Youth Members to have Scouts Victoria accounts.

Please make sure these environments have the highest levels of transparency and child-safety is paramount. Contact for advice on making these spaces safe, secure, and respectful.


Where do I get support help with this?

You can access the Scouts Victoria Microsoft 365 support portal at

We always recommend checking with a trusted volunteer like your Group Leader or Leader-In-Charge for help, but if they can’t help you can log a support request. There are also lots of freely available guides, videos, and help information at


Can I get a role-based or team email account (shared mailbox) for my Unit?

Yes! Role-based or team email accounts (sometimes called Shared Mailboxes) are being rolled out – you don’t need to ask for one.

We recognise that just like our youth, adult Leaders work in teams, and to work as part of a team you will be able to send and receive email from the same mailbox.

Do our Scouts (youth members) get Scouts Victoria accounts?

No, we are only rolling this out to adult members who hold leadership roles or are part of teams or assets.

What about Rovers?

Yes, for some roles as long as the Rovers meet the mandatory requirements of having a police check, and completing mandatory training, then Unit leaders, secretaries, treasurers, and members of Region, state, activity, and campsite teams are eligible to receive an account.

Unless they hold other leadership positions, Rovers will need to submit a request to kick-off the process.

Do I have to use my Scouts Victoria email address?

Yes, eventually. As mentioned under the Roll-Out section, we understand that this will be a transition.
After we are all on-board, it makes sense to communicate and work under the same umbrella with the same tools and identity.

Can I forward my email to my personal address?

No, automatically forwarding email to personal accounts is not allowed – setups like this act like a window left-open in the Leaders’ den – any information could get out.

Automatic forwarding also reduces our information security, and by extension the privacy and security of our youth members information.

Can I get email on my phone?

Yes! Your Scouts Victoria email is available on your phone by logging into the Outlook App for Android or iPhone. See for more information.
Other Microsoft Tools and Applications

Can I use Microsoft Teams?

Yes, we will create Microsoft Teams for groups, activity teams, event teams.

We know lots of other formal and informal teams exist, so please reach out at if you think you need a team (or should belong to a team) but don’t initially.

Can I use SharePoint and OneDrive?

Yes, with your email account, comes OneDrive which is for your own Scout file storage (like Dropbox or iCloud). To be clear these are for Scout files but aren’t shared with anyone by default.

You will also be part of one or more Teams, which have shared file storage – this is the best place to keep all your programs, activity planning, admin docs, etc.

Just like Scout Victoria email, the organisation can gain access to these locations when needed.

Why can’t I access SharePoint?

Right now, we’re focussing on getting everyone onto their new email accounts. SharePoint and OneDrive will be enabled once we’re sure that the email roll-out is going smoothly.

Do I get Microsoft office?

Sort of. Your Scouts Victoria account will come with access to Microsoft Office on the Web, which you need to use in a web browser.

Security and Privacy

Is this secure?

Microsoft 365 is used by Australia’s largest companies, our government, and other institutions. It follows a range of international accreditations for information security.

What about privacy?

Scouts Victoria will keep control over all our information, and Microsoft 365 is inherently designed to keep user information private and secure.

Who has access to our emails and files?

In your personal Scout mailbox and OneDrive, only you have access to your email.

Role-based or team Mailbox, Teams, and SharePoint will depend on who has been given access to them, either by virtue of their role, or by special request.

Scouts Victoria IT Team will be able to access all email and files when needed for information security concerns, misconduct investigations or similar reasons.

Other Questions

Does my group need to give up their domain name or websites?

No, please keep maintaining and updating your website. If you have a custom email domain, consider forwarding that to your Scouts Victoria Role-based or team mailbox.
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