Adult Membership Application Process

Adult Membership Application Process

If you would like to volunteer as a Leader, Adult Helper, or Adult Supporter at Scouts Victoria with your local scout group, please contact your Group Leader or alternatively visit use our "Find a Group" function in the top right corner of the website, select the Group and then select the "Other Enquiries" button to get in touch with your local Group Leader.

The application for any new adult member – uniformed (Leaders, including Rovers) and non-uniformed (Adult Helpers, Adult Supporters) is now completed online via an invitation to join extended by the Group Leader (Leader in Charge) via Extranet under Membership.

Stage 1) Applicant applies for a Working with Children Card 

All adult members are required to hold a WWCC and have the details of the card recorded against their membership record.

To apply for a WWCC visit the Working With Children Check website and complete the online application. You must then print your application and lodge it at a participating Australia Post outlet along with a passport size photo, your proof of identity documents and the relevant fee.

A volunteer WWCC is free. Applicants should use the codes 10 and 42 on their WWCC application. Use the following organisation details recorded against their card:
Scouts Victoria, 152 Forster Road, Mount Waverley VIC 3149,  Tel: 03 8543 9800. 
Please do not use the name or address of your local Group.
For existing cardholders, this can be done online through Service Victoria.
Victorian Legislation provides exemptions to some occupations. However, Scouts Victoria requires that all adult members hold a WWCC regardless of any exemption that may be applicable under the Act. This requirement ensures that Scouts Victoria applies a consistent approach to all adult members. 

Stage 2) Applicant completes and submits the invitation. 

You will receive an invitation to join via email, from your Group Leader/Leader in Charge (LIC). It is important to use your full legal name in this application. The name used must match any ID documents that will be used in the National Police Check and on the Working with children card.

Please check name, date of birth before submitting.

If you have been a member (Adult or Youth) in the past, please ensure your Group Leader knows this before submitting, as we would like to use your old registration number.

Stage 3) Applicant completes SkillSurvey 

SkillSurvey is Scouts Victoria online system that is used for reference checking. The reference checking process collects feedback on a range of personal skills and attributes which are relevant to volunteer roles in Scouting.

Follow the link in your email. We ask that you do this within 24 hours of receiving the email. It will open a web page where you will input your referees.
  1. Provide three referees, (relatives cannot be used as referees) who can share feedback on your work or volunteering experience.
  2. If possible, you are also encouraged to provide one Scouting-related referee who is a member within the organisation. Please note: we are only able to accept one Scouting related reference. 
Please don’t be put off by the business language of the Skill Survey messages. References need not all be employment related. You can select references from many parts of your life, including volunteering, school, personal associations and long-time friendships. 
  1. One of your three references must be entered as a manager/supervisor or teacher/professor/instructor from SkillSurvey's relationship type options. 
    1. For recent graduates a teacher, professor or instructor may qualify as a manager referee. 
    2. While ideally this a current or past manager/supervisor, in situations where a manager/supervisor reference is not available you may enter your prospective Group Leader for this reference.

This can be a really slow process, so to avoid delay, we ask you to keep in contact and monitor your referee progress:

  1. Alert your referees to watch for the web link via email.
  2. Login and view the link daily to monitor reference completion progress.
  3. Contact referees that haven’t completed and remind them to complete the survey.
  4. Check for email bounce backs and incorrect email addresses. If an email does bounce back please correct the address in the system and then resend the request to your referee.
Please contact Member Services for assistance if you have any difficulties with SkillSurvey, at , or on PH: 8543 9800. 

Step 4) Complete a National Police Check (CrimCheck)

National Police checks are conducted by Scouts Victoria to identify any offences or criminal history that may be incompatible with our Adult Code of Conduct. The police check provides an outline of all offences that a person has been found guilty of, or pending court appearances. This information is more extensive than a Working with Children check, which covers specific offences relating to children and some offences relating to Adults. This information is kept in the strictest confidence and retention of this information is managed in line with the access agreement with our Police check provider.
Please do not undergo your own National Police Check. This will not only cost you money, but it is most likely that you will not request a National Police Check that we can accept. The National Police Checks that we conduct cover more than just Child Protection issues, and are free.
Scouts Victoria uses CrimCheck, as you are able to upload your ID documents directly into the system. 

You can find the list here of the ID requirements. You will need to upload one document from the commencement of identity section, one document from the primary use document and two documents from the secondary use documents.
  1. Go to the link provided in your email.
  2. Read the disclaimer carefully on the opening page and take note that clicking “yes” will be considered your consent for a national police check to be lodged.
  3. Fill in the next page of the online form taking extra care with personal information as once the check is submitted to the national police we cannot edit or change any personal information.
  4. Upload your ID documentation.
If you experience any difficulties uploading your ID to CrimCheck, please don't hesitate to contact Member Services for assistance, at member, or on PH: 8543 9800. 
  1. Once you have completed the form you will receive a confirmation email from CrimCheck. This is for information only and you do not need to respond to it, or forward it to anyone. No further action is required. Member Services will receive a notification when your police check comes back clear so there is no need to send us the copy you will receive in the confirmation email from CrimCheck. 

Step 6) Application is finalised by Member Services

Once your police check comes back clear, Member Services will finalise your membership application accordingly.

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